George Nader passes away at the age of 80

George Garfield Nader born 1921, passed away on February 2002. He was survived by his partner Mark Miller and a nephew. Nader was among the truest shining lights of Hollywood cinema that did not get their due fame. Hollywood was coming up and Nader wanted to be part of the glamour.

He was just signed up at a wrong time by Universal. In the 50s Universal already had many other well established actors on its payroll with the same stunning looks and personality. Nader however, carved a niche for himself with the many supporting roles and cameo performances.

He was known for his delectable personality, beefy looks and intact chest hair. At a time when actors would fake love soirees with women to hide their homosexuality, Nader would avoid the questions by a simple ‘I have not met the right one yet’.

He is among the majority of homosexuals who had their living rights taken away when after a tabloid scandal he was forced to quit Hollywood. Always the champion, Nader packed his bags and west to Europe. He performed in various TV shows and did a series of German movies as ‘Jerry Cotton’. Bad luck never left Nader’s side and he was in a car accident with which he developed Glaucoma in his eye. Nader a true creative professional turned his focus to writing instead of acting. His first work was ‘Chrome’ where he wrote about same sex relation between a human and an android.

Another book was co-authored by him and his partner Mark Miller where he has written about real life episodes in the homosexual community of Hollywood. ‘Perils of Paul’ was self-published in 1999.

In 2001, Nader was admitted to a nursing home because of his failing health. George Nader passed away due to adverse complications in his health.