George Garfield Nader was truly an under rated actor. He appeared in many feature films and did a lot of cameos and small roles as well. His first film was Rustlers on Horseback (1950) for Republic Pictures. His acting career started with Pasadena Playhouse and he kept at it till very late. While he was working on feature films, he appeared on ‘summer and smoke’ as well.

His first film to provide him with recognition was Robot Monster (1953) which was a 3 D movie directed by Phil Tucker. This movie bagged him a career with Universal and many other supporting roles.

His other noteworthy performances include his part as Paulette Goddard in Sins of Jezebel (1953), supporting part in Carnival Story (1954) and his part of a male lover in Miss Robin Crusoe (1954) by Fox.

There were many other little parts some of the most popular movies such as The Prowler (1951), You’re in the Navy Now (1951), The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951), Take Care of My Little Girl (1951), and Two Tickets to Broadway (1951). He had bigger parts in other movies such as a Tim Holt Western, Overland Telegraph (1951), and a drama movie, Monsoon (1952).

One of his films GI Smith was among his most stellar performances. Unfortunately it never hit the streets due to a production issue. He had many other small parts in studio films such as Phone Call from a Stranger (1951) and Down among the Sheltering Palms (1952).

In his first film for Universal, he was cast after Rory Calhoun and Colleen Miller. ‘Four Guns to the Border’ (1954) was among the first in a series of supporting roles for George Nader.

In 1955, Nader was signed up as a starring actor against Jeanne Crain in The Second Greatest Sex (1955) and Maureen O’Hara in Lady Godiva of Coventry (1955) after Jeff Chandler turned the roles down.

There were many other TV roles and noteworthy films made in both Europe and Hollywood. In 1978 after a car crash, Nader gave up his acting career and started writing books instead.