George Nader was born in Pasadena California where he started his acting career as well. His father was of Lebanese lineage and responsible for the stunning good looks and beefy personality. At his prime Nader was a strapping 6 feet 1 inch in frame and built with perfection. Born as George Garfield Nader, he never changed his name for stardom as was the custom with many other stars.

He started his acting career with the many plays in Pasadena Playhouse from where he moved to small roles in feature films. His first major break came with Robot Monster, a 3D film.

Soon after Nader was picked up by Universal where he worked in the shadow of other well established actors such as Tony Curtis, Jeff Chandler and Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson was among his closest friends; however, he was never romantically involved with him. Nader throughout his life was close to his partner Mark Miller. Miller was one of the rocks in Nader’s life and had a big hand in getting the actor settled. When Nader was struggling, it was Mark who paid the bills doing odd jobs.

Unfortunately, a print by a tabloid, ‘Confidential’ trashed Nader’s Hollywood career. They attached Nader with Hudson and Universal in a bid to cut losses made George the scapegoat.

After this episode, Nader moved to Europe and salvaged his glory by working in a series of German films. He also kept appearing on TV shows in individual episodes. Throughout his exile Nader never gave up on his friendship with Rock Hudson. Miller and Nader even went as far as helping him in his dying age.

In the late 70s George Nader moved to Palm Springs, California as he was forced to retire following a car crash. He diverted his attention to becoming a writer and authored two books. He passed away in 2002. Miller was by his side.