George Nader was born in Pasadena on October 19, 1921 from Alice and George. His mother had Kansas roots and his father though from Illinois had Lebanese roots. George was interested in acting from a young age and to this effect he completed his Bachelor’s in Arts in Theatre Expressions from Occidental College.

During the war he signed up with the Navy where he worked as an interchange officer in the Pacific Corridor. After coming back in good health and shape, he decidedly pursued his ambition. His first on screen performance was in a play in his hometown on the sets of Pasadena Playhouse. This is where he met his sweetheart Mark Miller as well.

He graduated to small roles in many unaccredited feature films. His first starring role was in Rustlers on Horseback (directed by Fred C. Brannon), in 1950. His first starring role that got him big break was ironically also dubbed as the worst movie ever made. ‘Robot Monster’ was made ona budget of $16,000 in 4 days and went on to earn millions.

Universal picked him up after this bout and starred him in many supporting roles. Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler and Tony Curtis were all big actors already on the payroll of Universal and Nader only received their discards. Not one to be disheartened easily, George played his part amicably in many a supporting role.

In the interim he worked in the TV business as well. He appeared on many shows as a guest appearance. After a while he left Hollywood and tried his hand in Europe. There he became a big hit due to a series of German films where he played ‘Jerry Cotton’. He also did a lot of TV shows here.

Due to an accident he had to give up his acting career and move to the States. He dabbled in writing and excelled at it. His first book ‘Chrome’ is still a bestseller and has been under 6 publications.

In February 2002, Nader passed away due to many health complications.

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